I can't handle more than one blog at the moment. I'm going back to school soon, and the second semester will be more busier than the first. I want to say I'm sorry for leaving, and not telling everyone I follow, but I did try. It's just that I'm awkward on this blog. It wasn't the same when I first started. I wasn't as out spoken during the first few weeks of running this blog, but you're all wonderful people. You are. I'm just dumb and awkward~

I wanted to move all of my other gifs to my other blog, yet I'm not really interested in doing that. I will be making YouTube posts on my multi-fandom. Please talk to me here: MY BLOG.

I love you, okay? You're super cool, and amazing for following this blog. I will be keeping this url, and most likely using it in the future on my other blog. As for now, this blog will be redircting you to my most active blog ever. Don't feel afraid to talk to me on there, because omg, I talk a lot on there. Sigh. AnywAY BYE!!

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